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Training Testimonials

Please see previous comments from participants attending our Multi-Agency Training Below:


Neglect (Child Protection) Training

"It will make me more aware of how neglect presents in a less obvious way"

"As a Family Support Worker, and with especially being newly started to this job role, this training will be very beneficial for my work, and I will use it often"

"It was good to see a clear "black and white" set of expectations when assessing and evidencing "neglect"

"I will be using the toolkit to help structure conversations with families"

"Improved understanding of varying levels of acceptance, consider various information prior to referral to social work"

"Use it daily in my role in children and families"

"It will help me identify different forms of neglect"

Injuries to Non-Mobile Children Training 

"I will feedback learning to the whole team"

"This training will encourage me to think in a more curious way when visiting the children and families I support. The training opened up a new perspective for me and I gained information about different types of injuries. This information will benefit me in identifying when injuries are of concern"

"Absolutely, I will reflect on this when/if I have concerns around bruising on non mobile children I work with"

"It has made me more aware and refreshed the procedures for me"

"I feel the training covered appropriate topics"

"The training was thought provoking and does make you reflect on previous practice"

"I feel it will give me more confidence when giving advice to education colleagues and early years colleagues who may have concerns about bruising/injuries on a child"


Sign Post to Safety Training

"I will be able to use what I have learned when I am in the homes of the families that I work with to make their homes safer environments"

"Share with colleagues and apply in practice"

"Using the advice both personally within my own home; as well as providing advice and guidance on fire safety to the families I support"

"This information will be well used in my daily role of risk assessment, I now have the knowledge to alert when required"


Trafficking Training

"Be mindful of signs in future practice"

"Pointers to be aware of with Trafficking"

"I will incorporate my trafficking knowledge into my daily SW practice"

"It has given me a greater understanding of the different issues regarding trafficking and if I am working with adults or children I will use this knowledge in my practice and ways of working"

"To raise my awareness and increase my knowledge of indicators of human trafficking"

"More awareness of the impact trafficking has"

"This session has been beneficial to my knowledge and understanding, especially as a newly qualified social worker"

"Have a better understanding of the ways in which trafficking works"

"It will make me more aware of the possibility of this for some of the customers I deal with"

"I will be more aware of signs of human trafficking and a better understanding of the process to reporting"

Adult Support & Protection (ASP) Training

"I learned more about multi-agency input on cases"

"Fuller understanding of the processes and multi-agency working"


Introduction to Infant Mental Health Training

"Keeping in mind during my work that supporting infant mental health starts before baby is born"

"I feel I am better informed to support mothers with infants and I know what red flags to look for"

"Very relevant to my role and will be useful to use to help support parents/carers"

"Will consider referring into the service now I appreciate better what constitutes Infant Mental Health"

"As a Health Visitor will be using alot of the information and knowledge in health promotion and early intervention with families I work with"


Trauma Informed Training-Skilled Level 2

"A lot about trauma and the impact on daily lives. Also learned how I can adapt my practice to support people better" 

"I learned about the many different effects trauma can have on a person and how this can present outwardly in behaviours"

"I learnt about self care and how the impact of trauma is different for everyone"

"I enjoyed the reinforcement that trauma is not what happens to you, but the response and adjustment your body makes because of what has happened to you"

"Yes loads about complex Trauma and impacts"

"I gained some useful insights about working with people who suffer due to trauma, to the point that I am interested in attending Level 3 training to continue my professional development and to learn more about specific therapeutic intervention"

"I really enjoyed all of the training but i found the last section on Compassion fatigue really interesting"


Intimate image abuse awareness training

"I now have a good understanding of the services which support following incidents of intimate image abuse and of the different ways to support victims based on their age"

"I will use this learning to support customers who are at risk or have experienced intimate image abuse"

"It will help to identify abuse within my role"

"The types of abuse to look out for and the support available"



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