Adult Support and Protection

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Adults can be as much at risk from harm as children. Don't keep it to yourself if you're worried or your instincts tell you something isn't right.

Warning signs

You might notice that an adult is:

  • not dressed or eating properly or not getting medical treatment
  • scared, withdrawn or uncomfortable around certain people
  • asked to do things or touched in a way they don't like
  • being hit, shaken or hurt or has unexplained cuts and bruises

Report a concern about a vulnerable adult

Call 030 33 33 3001 and ask for the duty social worker

Everything you say will be in the strictest confidence when you call us and you don't have to tell us your name if you don't want to. Let us know:

  • information about the person and anyone they live with 
  • details of what you saw or heard which worried you

Other ways to contact someone:

  • Police emergency line - call 999
  • Police non-emergency line - call 101 you do not need to leave your name, but it would help for more information.
  • Out of hours service - call 01387 273660 or email 

What we'll do

We have a duty to act on information we receive. We'll look at any concerns, seek more information about the situation and take any appropriate action or offer support.

What is Adult Support and Protection? Leaflet

WhatIsASPThumbnail  Icon for pdf Download - What is Adult Support and Protection [120.9KB]

AP1 Reporting an Adult Concern to Social Work

(For Agencies and Providers)

Icon for pdf Download: D&G Adult Support & Protection Information for Providers on Reporting Concerns About an Adult [499.85KB]

Icon for word Download the AP1 Form [33.04KB]

Are you concerned about a loved one's drug or alcohol use? 

Download the BeingThere posters: Icon for pdf ASP-BeingTherePosters2020 [246.75KB]

D&G Advocacy Service

D&G Advocacy Service

Icon for pdf Download - DG Advocacy Service - About Us Booklet [1.04MB]       Icon for pdf Download - DG Advocacy Service - Delivering Advocacy [1.22MB]

Adult Support and Protection Resource Library - Enquiries and Reports

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Multi-Agency Risk Management (MARM) Group

Click on the link below to watch the MARM Video:

Icon for video Multi Agency Risk Management - MARM Video [8.93MB]

MARM Guidance

Click on the link below to download the Multi-Agency Risk Management Guidance:

Icon for pdf Download - MARM Guidance 20210615 [357.08KB]

MARM: 7-Minute Briefing

Click on the link below to download the MARM 7-Minute Briefing:

Icon for pdf Download - MARM 7MinuteBriefing20211506 [93.76KB]

Learning from Case Reviews

Icon for pdf Download - Case Study - Miss A - North Lanark SCR [221.22KB]

Icon for pdf Download - Case Study - Sharon Greenop SCR [306.58KB]

Icon for pdf Download - Mental Welfare Commission Scotland - Best of Intentions Report [83.59KB]

Icon for pdf Download - Serious Case Review - Glasgow APC - Ellen Ash - February 2016 [162.43KB]


IRISS - Writing Analysis in Social Care

A practical framework for supporting the writing of analysis in social care records.

Icon for pdf Download - Writing Analysis in Social Care [935.46KB]


What is a Mental Health Officer?

    What's a MHO and what they do:

    Icon for pdf Download - What Is A Mental Health Officer [265.34KB]


    ASP Presentation Icon

    VIDEO: Inability to Safeguard - Exploring Decision Making of Individuals and Professionals

    Click HERE to watch the video.






    Corona Virus: Safeguarding Adults in Challenging Circumstances


    Download important information on protecting vulnerable adults. Click on the link below:

    Icon for pdf Corona Virus Safeguarding Adults - Download [214.55KB]




    HerbertProtocolIcon The Herbert Protocol

    The Herbert Protocol helps Police in their search for missing vulnerable people. Download the flyer and form below for more information.

    Icon for pdf The Herbert Protocol - What is it? How does it work? [221.94KB]

    Icon for word Download the Herbert Protocol Form 2021 [94.84KB]

    Icon for pdf Download the Herbert Protocol Poster 2021 [98.93KB]

    Icon for pdf Download the Herbert Protocol Easy Read Form 2021 [335.82KB]

    purple Alert Thumbnail Purple Alert

    Icon for pdf Download - Purple Alert - Herbert Protocol 2021 [9.77MB]

    Icon for pdf Download - Purple Alert New App Features_LR [1.37MB]



    Modern Slavery

    Modern Slavery cuts across all Public  Protection strands: i.e. Adult Support and Protection, Child Protection and Violence Against Women and Girls. 

    Icon for pdf Download the Tackling Modern Slavery Guide [749.16KB]

    Click here to read more about Human Trafficking.

    Self-neglect and Hoarding plus Other Useful Downloads

    Compulsive Hoarding Dr Fionnuala Edgar Thumbnail 


    Video: Compulsive Hoarding Dr Fionnuala Edgar 





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    Videos and other Adult Support and Protection resources
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    Harm is a deliberate injury or damage to someone, be it physically or psychologically.