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Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference - MARAC

Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences - MARACs - take place every four weeks in Dumfries and Galloway.

The aim of MARAC is to discuss and agree multi-agency actions in order to enhance the safety of domestic abuse victims who are at high risk of harm, including death.

In a single meeting, a MARAC combines up to date risk information with a comprehensive assessment of a victim's needs, including their children, and manages the source of risk - the perpetrator. By using the knowledge and expertise of different statutory and third sector agencies, the identified risks are either reduced or managed in the most appropriate and effective way.

To determine whether a victim can be referred to MARAC, risk is assessed using the DASH Risk Assessment Tool (DASH-RIC) developed by SafeLives.

The DASH-RIC comprises 24 questions and covers the various aspects of domestic abuse i.e. Coercion, Threats and Intimidation; Emotional Abuse and Isolation; Sexual Abuse; Physical Abuse; Children and Pregnancy; and Economic (Financial) Abuse.

DASH-RIC pdf. Download 

DASH-RIC For Young People Download 

MARAC Referral Form word.doc. Download MARAC Referral Form (Word doc) [79KB]

D&G MARAC Referral Pathway pdf. Download D&G MARAC Referral Pathway (PDF) [156KB]

Domestic abuse victims can be referred to MARAC on the following bases: 


  • Identified High Risk - when the DASH-RIC score is higher than 14.
  • Professional Judgment - when the DASH-RIC score is lower than 14 but concerns are identified by a professional working with the victim.
  • Escalation - when abuse appears to be escalating in severity or frequency. For example, usually three or more Police callouts; three attendances at A&E; or three calls for housing repairs because of domestic abuse in the past 12 months.
  • Repeat- where there is an incident and the same victim and perpetrator were referred to any MARAC within the last 12 months.

DG MARAC-7MinuteBriefing-2024-V1 (PDF) [281KB]



To know more about MARAC or to make a referral, please email:

Luis Pombo - MARAC Co-ordinator at

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