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Domestic abuse in Dumfries and Galloway

Several local organisations and agencies are working together to tackle domestic abuse and violence against women and girls across the region.

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Domestic abuse is the most prevalent form of violence against women and girls in Scotland and in Dumfries and Galloway.

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone and is physically and emotionally damaging.  

Domestic abuse takes many forms, including: threats and intimidation; hitting or other forms of physical abuse; forced / unwanted sex (rape) or other forms of sexual abuse; insults; criticism and put-downs; isolation from your family, friends or other groups; controlling behaviour; withholding/controlling money.

Domestic abuse generally happens to more women than men but victims and abusers come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. It doesn't matter about gender, age, social class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion/belief, lack of belief or education.

In general, domestic abuse affects more women than men.

There are many ways for people living with abuse to get support and protection.

It isn't always easy to spot abuse or realise that someone is suffering abuse. You can look out for common signs of abuse and find out where to go for help.

Help for abusers is also available so they can understand the effects of their actions, stop their violence and change their abusive behaviours.

You can report domestic abuse by completing the online form on the Police Scotland website or by contacting CrimeStoppers anonymously. Right to Ask Scheme: If you have concerns about your own partner's past, or concerns about another person's partner, you can apply to the Scheme to ask if that person has a history of domestic abuse or other relevant behaviour.


Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking happens when a person is forced or threatened, abducted, or lied to so that they agree to being transported to another country or other countries; or to another region or regions within a country to be exploited in prostitution, forced work and other forms of modern slavery, or for removing their organs.

Sex Trafficking is linked with the Prostitution and Pornography industries and is the main form of Human Trafficking affecting women and girls.

Human Trafficking in any of its forms is a violation of Human Rights.

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