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Stop your own abusive behaviour

It's important to face up to how your abusive behaviour affects someone who is getting it as well as your/their family and friends. The more you understand what your behaviour is like for them then the harder it will be to behave like that.

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Abuse doesn't just happen, most of the time it's about you trying to be in control of a relationship. There are a number of common signs of abuse; if you behave like this, you are being abusive towards your partner, even if you think you're not.

You need to be aware that your abusive actions can affect people emotionally and psychologically as well as physically. Children in particular can be extremely vulnerable to long term effects of domestic abuse even if you don't think they see it.

Choose to stop!

Help is available to stop and change your behaviours.

Respect is a confidential and anonymous helpline for anyone concerned about their violence and/or abuse towards others. A team of skilled professionals can offer advice, information and support to help you stop being violent and abusive.

  • Call the Respect Phoneline on 0800 802 4040
  • Email

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