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Resources for Professionals - Child Protection

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National Information

Guidance and Materials 

National guidance for child protection in Scotland 2021 - (

Local Information

Download - Getting Our Priorities Right (GOPR) 7 Minute Briefing 11Apr2023 V1 (PDF) [176KB]

Download - 7-Minute Briefing: Getting Our Priorities Right – A Practitioners Guide and Toolkit (PDF) [175KB]

Download - Getting Our Priorities Right (GOPR) Practitioners Guide March2023 (PDF) [3MB]

Download - Injuries to Non Mobile Children 7 Minute Briefing Feb24 (PDF) [155KB]

Download - Injuries to Non Mobile Children Protocol 2023 v2 (PDF) [1MB]

Download - Injury to Non Mobile Children Flow Chart (PDF) [221KB]

Download - Multi-Agency Protocol for Injuries to Non-Mobile Children PPC_INMC_Protocol_2023_v2 (PDF) [1MB]

DOWNLOAD - Information Sharing - A 10 Step Guide - Safeguarding Children - CP v1 March2024.pdf (PDF) [266KB]

Child Protection Biennial Report 2020-2022 (PDF) [5MB]

DG Child Protection Process Flowchart (PDF) [127KB]

Assessment of Care : Toolkit (PDF) [2MB]

7-Minute Briefing - Child Protection Process (PDF) [156KB]

Multi Agency Non Disclosure Protocol v0.2 (PDF) [389KB]

Multiagency Non-Disclosure Protocol - 7 Minute Briefing (PDF) [106KB]

Multi Agency Guidance: Single Agency and Integrated Chronologies (PDF) [458KB]

7-Minute Briefing: Public Protection Committee Multi Agency Chronologies Guidance (PDF) [100KB]

Neglect in Childhood 7-Minute Briefing - D&G NHS 7MB (PDF) [86KB]

Professional Curiosity 7-Minute Briefing - D&G NHS (PDF) [374KB]

Neglect 7-Minute Briefing - D&G NHS (PDF) [126KB]

Missing Person Protocol - 7MB (PDF) [629KB]

Pre-Birth Process and Guidance Aug 2023 (PDF) [306KB]

Protocol for Professionals Meeting (PDF) [189KB]

7-Minute Briefing Updated multi-agency 'Injury to Non-Mobile Child' Protocol (PDF) [155KB]

Equal Protection Act (PDF) [308KB]

7MinuteBriefing Equal Protection Act V0.2 (PDF) [153KB]

Pre-Birth Guidance and Process Jan 2024 (PDF) [347KB]

Guidance on Medical Examinations and Health Assessments v1.1 (PDF) [258KB]

Injuries in Mobile Children Flowchart Appendix 1 (PDF) [85KB]

Medical Examinations Guidance 7MB (PDF) [108KB]

Online Safety

NEW - Online Safety Act (2023) Harmful Sexual Behaviours Online (PDF) [164KB]

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