Child Protection

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Children and young people have the right to feel safe and well cared for and when a concern is raised we and/or the police have a responsibility to investigate.

What we do

We'll arrange to assess the child or young person's situation. The assessment will also involve speaking to their parents or carers. We may also speak to other people like other family members, teachers or health visitors.

We will always:

  • clearly explain to the child or young person what is happening
  • clearly explain to the parents and carers what is happening
  • carefully listen to everyone involved
  • note everyone's views
  • offer help and support through the process
  • make it clear how to contact the allocated social worker

Wherever possible we will always inform everyone involved of what's going on, their rights, and offer support and advice.

What happens next

Our aim is to keep a child or young person safe. After our assessment we may:

  • take immediate action to keep them safe
  • call a child protection case conference to discuss what needs to be done
  • offer support and advice to the family
  • provide a service to the child or the family either from us or another agency
  • investigate any criminal behaviour
  • no further action required by social work services

Contact us to make a comment or complaint about a child protection inquiry.


An image relating to What is Child Abuse?
Child abuse is any action by another person, adult or child, that causes significant harm to a child. It can be physical, sexual or emotional, but can just as often be about lack of love, care and attention. We know that neglect, whatever form it takes, can be just as damaging to a child as physical abuse.
An image relating to Report a concern about a child or young person
It's everyone's responsibility to ensure that children are safe. If you are worried that a child or young person may be at risk of harm then you should call 030 33 33 3001 and ask for the Child MASH.
An image relating to Child Sexual Exploitation
Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a crime of devastating and long-lasting consequences for its victims and their families. Childhoods and family life can be ruined, and this can be made worse when victims, or those at risk of abuse, do not receive the support they need.
An image relating to Child Sexual Exploitation - Worried about your child?
Do you know that child sexual exploitation can be hard to detect and abusers are very clever in their manipulation of children and young people, some will not even be aware that it is happening to them.
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There are lots of places you can get more information if you feel scared or don't feel safe.